Pittsburgh Photos

Playoff time... best time of the year! RoadCrew members Jay and Sachy were fortunate enough to claim places on the illustrious DC-101/Caps trip to Pittsburgh to see Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarter Finals. After departing MCI Center at noon, the group boarded the Caps team plane and headed off to Pittsburgh. And how great is the team plane? Unbelievable! All first class seats with more room than you could ever imagine. Upon arrival in Pittsburgh, Jay, Sachy, Angie and John headed out for a quick bar crawl before dinner at the team hotel. Upon getting back to the hotel, we arrived just in time to give the team a loud send off to the arena as the boys boarded the bus. On to dinner with our kind host, Jack THE MAN and then over to the arena! An emotionally crushing 3-0 defeat left us down, but not out, and we boarded the plane and headed back to DC, arriving at MCI at 1AM. What an experience though!